jueves, abril 05, 2012

Org. Miss Universe: No hay fecha ni lugar para el Miss Universe 2012

The Miss Universe Organization Public Relations department has sent the following statement regarding the date and venue of Miss Universe 2012:

“After the announcement made by Colombian TV Station Caracol that the Miss Universe wants to confirm that this information is absolutely false. A venue and a date has not been announced yet. Thank you for the attention”


“Debido a los anuncios de Caracol TV que el certamen de Miss Universo 2012 se llevará a cabo en Johannesburg, Sudáfrica el 26 de diciembre, la Organización quiere aclarar que son rumores y absolutamente falsos. La Organización, por el momento, no ha anunciado oficialmente la fecha o sitio de Miss Universo 2012. Gracias.”


The Miss Universe contest will be held in December but an exact date has not been set.